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What Makes a Good Translation Great?

The content of brochures, web sites, manuals and other publications often  is subject to change, but the changes may be minor. Victoria Translations helps you update content in many languages with ease. This is how it works: we use database systems that store your content in all your used languages. When changes to the text are made, we analyze exactly what has changed. Thus adaptations can be handled in a fraction of the time and the cost of the original translation.

Translation as easy as 1,2,3

- Send us your document

- Receive a quote

- Let us take care of the rest

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Mediocre not good enough?

Mediocrity is commonplace; we like to excel at what we do. If you are a translator with that same attitude, please contact Victoria Translations

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Fresh from Vancouver Island

We gladly visit local businesses and institutions on Vancouver Island for a face-to-face consultation.

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In a hurry?  In a nutshell:


Victoria Translations is a quality-oriented translation agency based in Duncan on Vancouver Island,  owned and operated by Marinus H. Vesseur, translator with a German University degree in translation and STIBC Associate Member.


Phone +1 250 701-0085


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How it works

Our customers are companies and institutions who want to get the full meaning of their message and correct information across to people in other cultures and language groups.

B2B - Business to Business

Reliably, correctly and effectively conveying the intended meaning of the original, in similar style and tone.

A great translation enhances the image of the publishing organization and  contains the correct industry-specific vocabulary for its audience.

How Does Victoria Translations Ensure This Level of Quality?

Most clients cannot check the quality of the delivered translation – usually they can’t read it – so they must be able to fully rely on us to do it right without fail. We meet the specific needs of your organization or industry by carefully selecting the right translator for your project, based on their linguistic qualifications and their experience with the subject matter, and by applying rigorous quality standards. For more information on Translation Quality Control contact Marinus Vesseur.

What Does the World Know About You?

Your documentation and marketing material is designed to give a definite impression to your client base. After all the effort and resources expended in creating it, shouldn’t similar care be taken with its translation?

What Can Victoria Translations Do For You?

The friendly team at Victoria Translations will work with you and for you to meet the specific needs of your projects.


We are fully equipped to handle translations of documents, brochures, manuals, web sites, software, help files, etc. in most of the common file formats, including InDesign, Quark Express, PageMaker, XML, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint. Conversion to Word is rarely necessary.

“Our Information Changes All The Time - How Can We Keep Up?”